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We lead in Africa

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Research is Key in Africa

We as an agency understand the value of research for organisations, government, and societies. Our focus is not only on delivering quality research to our clients but goes beyond that. We care about our clients achieving maximum returns on their investments in research, so we work with our clients, even after the research has been delivered, to integrate the findings into their operations and see their investments work for them.
Our Vision

Africa’s Leading Non-Profit Research hub and Business Consultancy

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Our Mission

To deliver quality research data and business development ideas to our clientele

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Data Insight Africa is a non-profit civil society research agency set up to undertake social and business research for organisations in Ghana and the rest of Africa.

Our Strategic Units

Research Unit

  1. Provide research support, proposal writing, data analysis, project implementation, and reporting.
  2. Qualitative research using innovative techniques.
  3. Provide both scientific or technical reporting and non-scientific reports.

Business & Project Management Consultancy Unit

  1. Strategy growth development
  2. Business performance review
  3. Strategic planning
  4. Business trend analysis

Communication Audit and Development Services Unit

  1. Organizational communication Audit
  2. Corporate communications (internal and external)
  3. Brand management (Brand Health)
  4. Marketing communication support for products
  5. Disruptive marketing communication

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