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Our Core Business

About us


Africa’s Leading Non-Profit Research hub and Business Consultancy.



To deliver quality research data and business development ideas to our clientele.


Our Services

    1. Commission and manage a variety of research projects, including surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, etc. with members of the public and large-scale data sets.
    2. Secondary data and big data analysis.
    3. Strategic business development.
    4. Market research, social and behavioral research.
    5. Community development and intervention planning.
    6. Project proposal writing, execution, monitoring and evaluation.
    7. Strategic communication planning.
    8. Impact assessment of corporate social responsibility

Who we are

  1. Non-profit/non-governmental social and marketing research and business development consulting organization.
  2. Registered under the laws of Ghana and has full Certificate of Incorporation in 2019
  3. Consortium of accomplished researchers and business consultants.
  4. Has the capacity, capability, technical resources, network and expertise to undertake research project in a timely, cost-effective and professional manner.

Our Core Business

  1. Undertake social, behavioral and business research
  2. Offer business development and project management consultancy services
  3. Engage in communication audit and development services
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